The Mule (2019) – Review

Peaceful but prosaic meditation on the value of life.

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Top 10 – Comedies

Amongst the many genre of films, good comedies take a truly admirable level of skill. Having the ability to create a story, and make an audience laugh for a pro-longed period of time is no easy task, and my god there have been some absolute mince ones over the years. I felt it would be good to make up a list of the ten best comedies, so here you are – enjoy!

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Top 10 – Superhero Movies

It certainly has been a while since I’ve done a top 10 list, which I apologise for. But, I’m back, and what better way to make a return than with a superhero themed list! Superhero movies are arguably my favourite kind of movies. They transport you into a world filled with wonder and things you could only dream of. Some films do it better than others, especially these 10.

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