Drinking Game – Step Brothers

THIRSTY THURSDAY! This week, we have a drinking game for Step Brothers!

We don’t care what you drink to play this. If you want to take it steady and do it with beer (1 shot would equal one drink out the bottle/glass) feel free. If you want to do it with vodka, tequila, jäger etc – yeno the hard stuff – batter in. Please be careful, do not get yersel to a point where you’re paralytic!

The rules are as follows:

Anytime Dale or Brennan shout at their parents – 1 shot

Anytime Dale and Brennan shout at their parents – 2 shots

Anytime Dale complains about food – 1 shot

Anytime Dale or Brennan lie – 2 shots

Anytime Dale and Brennan insult each other – 1 shot

Anytime Dale and Brennan fight – 2 shots

Anytime Dale and Brennan’s parents swear – 1 shot

Anytime Dale plays the drums – 2 shots

Anytime Brennan sings – 2 shots

When “Sweet Child O’ Mine” is sang – 3 shots

Anytime the words “Step Brothers” are said – 3 shots

And finally, when the credits roll – 1 shot

The day after the drinking game… (© – Columbia Pictures)

What do you think? Let us know how you get on in the comments or tweet @film_swot.

Author: Cameron Frew

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Cameron Frew

Freelance film writer. Words on Flickering Myth, Bloody Disgusting, Movie Corner UK and Jumpcut Online. My five favourite films are: 1. The Goonies 2. Forrest Gump 3. The Shawshank Redemption 4. Warrior 5. Whiplash

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