Top 10 – Comedies

Amongst the many genre of films, good comedies take a truly admirable level of skill. Having the ability to create a story, and make an audience laugh for a pro-longed period of time is no easy task, and my god there have been some absolute mince ones over the years. I felt it would be good to make up a list of the ten best comedies, so here you are – enjoy!

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A story properly told at last – Steve Jobs review

As an avid user of Apple products – I own an iPhone, an iPad and a Macbook Pro – I have always been curious about the company’s history. Also, following the death of co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs back in 2012, I realised I didn’t really know that much about such a powerful figure. So how did the new film based on Jobs turn out?

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Bringing life to Mars – The Martian review

Now I’m sure there will be some of you more arrogant movie-goers out there who will say a film based around space should be easy to make. I mean it’s just space right, its nothing? Wrong. Think about it; space, an infinite scope beyond anything we can fully comprehend, never mind bring to life on screen. So when a film tells a story of a man left on a desolate red planet, don’t let it pass by – especially when it’s as outstanding as The Martian.

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