Top 100 Best Films Ever Made

The greatest of the great, the list to end all lists.

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Top 10 – Movie Trailers (2010s)

Recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about trailers.

Also, it’s been a while since I’ve wrote a top 10 list; the two trains of thought have clashed and lead to this, an updated list of the 10 best movie trailers out there. These will do more than make you excited – they’ll blow you away, maybe make you faint. Feel like some have been missed? Check out the original list where you’ll find some of 2010’s finest.

10. The Girl on the Train

Despite the film not justifying the level of hype that surrounded it (find out why in my review), the trailer remains haunting and stylish. Featuring an intense remix of Kanye West’s Heartless, people couldn’t stop watching.

9. Logan

This was our first glimpse at Jackman’s last Wolverine performance, so obviously people would rush to see the trailer. But we did not expect something so heartbreaking and powerful, using Johnny Cash’s painfully relevant ‘Hurt’ to make us cry *cough* I mean excited.

8. Godzilla

The resurgence of Godzilla attracted some attention, but after this tense trailer people couldn’t wait (plus Bryan Cranston).

7. Captain America: Civil War

The first Civil War trailer was fantastic, but there’s certain elements of this one that put it above the others. Make sure you watch it till the very end.

6. Suicide Squad

Some would say they prefer the Queen version, people latched onto the original (leaked) trailer. Clearly trying to go for a more mature tone, accompanied by the eerie song and of course our first glimpse at Leto’s joker, this seemed like DC’s comeback.

5. 2001: A Space Odyssey (Re-release trailer)

Whilst not a 2010s release, the re-release trailer for 2001 is so beautifully made, capturing the spirit and wonder of a film that should be a must-watch for everyone.

4. Man of Steel

Man of Steel actually featured on the earlier list, but this trailer featuring Hans Zimmer’s ‘What Are You Going To Do When You Are Not Saving The World’ not only raised the hairs on your arms, but gave us hope for the Superman we deserve.

3. Nightcrawler

Nightcrawler was a relatively low-hitting film in terms of box office numbers, but the corrupt, twisted story is perfectly incapsulated in this trailer, benefited by a killer soundtrack.

2. Mad Max: Fury Road

Fury Road is a modern masterpiece, there’s no denying that. But our first proper look at it gave that away, with breathtaking special effects, a genuine sense of insanity and a mind-boggling score by Junkie XL – what a lovely day!


  1. Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Star Wars was always going attract mental levels of hype, I mean, it’s Star Wars? But the first main trailer (which followed two fantastic teasers), washed away any worries in the lead up to its release, making people gasp, grin and cry all in just over 2 minutes. It’s a feat of trailer-cutting that shows you don’t have to give away the plot to get people interested – entice and excite. Give it a watch and let the goosebumps take control.

What’s your favourite movie trailer? Let us know in the comments, on the Facebook page or tweet us. Plus, check out our Top 10 suggestions page where you can fire over your ideas!

Author: Cameron Frew


Top 10 – Movie Trailers

Perhaps you wouldn’t imagine to read a list of the best film trailers? Well when you think about it, trailers are incredibly important to a film’s life cycle. They kickstart the hype train, often sending fans into a frenzy or a meltdown. One of my favourite things to do is watch trailers, so let’s have a look at the 10 best ones out there!

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Top 10 – Antiheroes

Since it’s Valentine’s Day this week I thought it would be a good idea to make a list of some much loved romantic comedies. Then I remembered I absolutely hate Valentine’s Day and Deadpool comes out this week. As many of you know, Deadpool’s dark sense of humour and the enjoyment he takes from gruesomely killing his opponents is what makes him so loved amongst comic book fans and I pray this will also be true for the film. So as a tribute to the release of one of the most anticipated films of the year, here are my ten favourite bad ass antiheroes who save the day in a slightly different way from the rest.

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Top 10 – Stars of 2015

Where 2014 was the year of Chris Pratt, Margot Robbie, Miles Teller, and Jack O’Connell, I want to look at whose star rose the highest in 2015.

It should also be said I leave out the aforementioned bearing in mind that they had a better 2014, than 2015. Pratt was the star of the second biggest grossing film of the year, so maybe it’s harsh to leave him out, but I feel 2014 was his breakthrough. Margot Robbie was also a star of Focus, and filming Suicide Squad, but Wolf of Wall Street was undoubtedly her rise to stardom.

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Top 10 – Horrors

Nothing beats the feeling after watching a pure good horror. How amazing is it that a film can have the power to absolutely terrify you? Most of the time they aren’t even true stories – we’re petrified by total fiction. Nothing to be a shamed of though, I’m a fearty at the best of times. So, to celebrate horror films, here’s the best 10 out there!

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Top 10 – Dog movies

I’m gonna be honest, if you don’t like dogs there’s obviously a loose wire somewhere. They’re bloody fantastic animals! What’s amazing is that quite often, we have found ourselves more emotional about dogs in films than humans (that’s cause humans are shite and dogs are brilliant though). So, to celebrate dogs, here’s a top 10 list of films based around them!

10. Hachi: A Dogs Tale

(© – Stage 6 Films)

Telling the story of a college professor who forms a bond with a dog he finds on a train platform, this emotional, moving film starring Richard Gere is a must watch for dog lovers.

9. 101 Dalmatians

(© – Walt Disney Pictures)

The original, animated film is great, but the live action remake is my favourite. Some of it may seem a little silly, but the dogs are great and the story works so who cares!

8. Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey

(© – Walt Disney Pictures)

This does have a cat in it, but there’s also two dogs so it’s okay! This classic tells the story of three pets who escape to find their owners in San Francisco, and chat along the way. Brilliant!

7. Cujo

(© – Warner Bros)

Whilst the majority of dog films make us fall in love with them, this one made us afraid of them. A St. Bernard with rabies? HA, NAW.

6. Eight Below

(© – Walt Disney Pictures)

Whilst Snow Dogs wasn’t very good, this survival tale starring Paul Walker is more serious, and generally a shit-load better. Ahh, huskies.

5. All Dogs Go to Heaven

(© – United Artists)

This oldie is a cracking little animated film, one I watched when I was younger. It may be a little dated looking, but in terms of quality, it’s still great.

4. Lady and the Tramp

(© – Walt Disney Pictures)

Everyone has at least heard of Lady and the Tramp, but you really should have seen it. It’s a timeless Disney animated classic – beautifully made and generally just lovely.

3. Turner & Hooch

(© – Touchstone Pictures)

Perhaps not all of you have seen Turner and Hooch, but you should. It’s essentially a buddy cop film, except it’s a cop and a dog that are buddies. A massive slevery, drooling dog is the star here, so what else do you need to hear?

2. Marley & Me

(© – 20th Century Fox)

Marley and Me became an instant classic when it was released. As well as having Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston, the hilarious Labrador Marley really steals every scene he’s in. You’ll laugh and cry, and love every second.


  1. Beethoven
(© – Universal Pictures)

For me this was the obvious choice. I watched it all the time when I was younger, and event today I love it dearly.

When a family feel something is lacking from their home, they adopt a St. Bernard puppy. Of course he isn’t a puppy for long, so when Beethoven grows up to be a huge, slobbery animal, all sorts of hilarious chaos ensues. That is until someone not-so-friendly wants Beethoven.

Beethoven himself is so lovable, like every time I watch it I feel the need to adopt a St. Bernard. I have no doubt you’ll adore this film, so please if you haven’t seen it, do it! It’s certainly a film the whole family can enjoy. If you’re one of those strange bastards that doesn’t like dogs, maybe this will change your opinion.

What do you think? What’s your favourite dog film? Let us know in the comments, or tweet @film_swot.

Author: Cameron Frew

Top 10 – Disney Pixar films

For me and many others, Disney Pixar films were a massive part of my childhood and let’s be honest they still mean a lot to me today. The mass majority of them are ingenious and manage to engross kids and adults alike. As well as being hilarious, they are quite often emotional also. So, here’s a top 10 list of the best ones out there, enjoy!

10. Toy Story 2 

(© – Walt Disney Pictures)

The sequel to the first Toy Story proved that not all sequels are a disappointment. It introduced new characters, remained hilarious and still had as much heart.

9. Inside Out

(© – Walt Disney Pictures)

One of the most recent Pixar films, I had no doubt in my mind once I saw it that it was one of the best. The incredibly clever storyline is what made this a classic. The only voice inside my head when I watch Inside Out is Joy.

8. WALL·E 

(© – Walt Disney Pictures)

This film truly showcased how incredible Pixar’s animation was, as well as giving us a story like no other. Who knew we could get so connected to a couple of animated robots?

7. Up

(© – Walt Disney Pictures)

Everyone has at least heard about the opening sequence of Up. I’m not going to say what happens, let’s just say you WILL get teary-eyed. Moving on from there, it turns into a wonderfully funny and inventive adventure film.

6. Cars

(© – Walt Disney Pictures)

Cars has always been one of my personal favourites. It really is hilarious, I mean who doesn’t love Mater? The sequel and spin offs have been pretty dire, but the original remains excellent to this day. Not to mention Owen Wilson voices the main character!

5. The Incredibles

(© – Walt Disney Pictures)

Not all incredible (I’m sorry) superhero movies are live action. The Incredibles is one of the best out there, giving us fantastic action sequences as well as all the benefits we’d expect from a Pixar film.

4. Toy Story 3

(© – Walt Disney Pictures)

The most recent sequel to the original Toy Story somehow managed to improve upon the first sequel, introducing even more characters and bringing us a thrilling storyline at the best of times. The villain is excellent, and I guarantee you’ll nearly – if not – cry at the end.

3. Monsters, Inc.

(© – Walt Disney Pictures)

One of the originals, Monsters, Inc took a scary part of life for kids and turned it into something they could love. By turning monsters into lovable characters, Pixar really outdone themselves.

2. Finding Nemo

(© – Walt Disney Pictures)

Pixar have this incredible ability to create beautiful, colourful worlds in different places. This time round it was the sea, and I loved every second of it. As well as sublime animation, every single character, especially the hilarious Dory, is memorable. The sequel to Finding Nemo is definitely one of the most anticipated films this year.


  1. Toy Story
(© – Walt Disney Pictures)

There was only one really choice for the number one spot wasn’t there? Toy Story was the first Disney Pixar film, and it’s definitely still the best.

By creating a world where toys come alive, it is ridiculously fun for both kids and parents. The lead characters, expertly voiced by the wonderful Tom Hanks and Tim Allen, immediately became iconic across the world. I myself loved Woody growing up – I even still have the toy in my cupboard.

Wonderfully clever and miles ahead of it’s time, it’s no wonder it spawned sequels, with a fourth in production. Even though it’s over 20 years old, the animation is still amazing. I am confident that Toy Story will remain my favourite animated film ever till the day I die.

What’s your favourite Disney Pixar film? Is it Toy Story too? Let me know yours in the comments or tweet @film_swot.

Cameron Frew

Top 10 – Films to look forward to in 2016

So, it’s 2016 – scary eh? Not to fear, there is a SHIT TON of amazing films heading our way this year, so here’s a list featuring the ones you should especially be thinking about. Just so you don’t go ham at me, we’ll only talk about films from February onward, since it’s already January!

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Top 10 – Christmas films

We’re fast approaching Christmas day, can you believe it? SAAAANTAAAA! With Christmas comes a load of fantastic films, so since we’re in the festive spirit here at Film Swot, here’s a top 10 list of the greatest Christmas films out there! Enjoy!

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