Bad Moms – Review

Avoids taking a bigger bite of the cake. 

There’s been an increase in female-led comedies in recent years, although none have come close to rivalling the original glass-ceiling breaker Bridesmaids. Sadly, Bad Moms continues this trend, missing the touch of Paul Feig and never leaping into subversive territory.

Amy (Mila Kunis) spends each day running late; juggling her kids’ schedule, going to work, doing the shopping, making dinner. She is finally pushed over the edge by her cheating husband, and a border-line psychotic PTA president (Christina Applegate). From here, she decides to rebel against the social pressures to be a ‘perfect-mum’ with likeable duo Carla (Kathryn Hahn) and Kiki (Kristen Bell).

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The film rarely tries to be anything more than what’s expected of it. I went in prepared for a silly, forgettable comedy and that’s exactly what I got. Aside from a few observations on modern parenting, such as Kunis describing to her son why he’s ‘entitled’, it’s mostly a crude, montage-filled affair.

That being said, the film has it’s funny moments. Bell and Kunis are likeable characters, but it’s Hahn that steals the biggest laughs. Delivering each line with a comic-confidence, her character is easily the highlight of Bad Moms. Applegate has some cracking lines also, feeling like a cross of Regina George and Dolores Umbridge.

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In a female-led film titled Bad Moms you won’t be expecting many males with major significance. However, any men you see here are so far-sided and almost cartoonish, whether it is the idiotic husband, the hipster boss or the typical hunk.

To sum it up…

Bad Moms‘ charming trio make an otherwise mediocre script enjoyable. Hahn’s lines are especially killer, but a lack of laughs and quiet resolutions ultimately leave this with the pile of other average comedies. 

Rating: No bad

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