Top 10 – Films to look forward to in 2016

So, it’s 2016 – scary eh? Not to fear, there is a SHIT TON of amazing films heading our way this year, so here’s a list featuring the ones you should especially be thinking about. Just so you don’t go ham at me, we’ll only talk about films from February onward, since it’s already January!

10. Assassin’s Creed

Release date: 30 December


Films based off games have a tendency to be total shite, but Assassin’s Creed could be about to change that. Starring Michael Fassbender as the title assassin – in a totally new story – alongside a fantastic cast, could Assassin’s Creed do the impossible?

9. Independence Day: Resurgence

Release date: 24 June 

They’re coming back. (© – 20th Century Fox)

Oh shit, they’re coming back. And going by the trailer, they are VERY pissed off. Basically the humans used alien technology to strengthen their military, but will it be enough in another fight against them? It looks darker, action packed, and it has Jeff Goldblum so?

8. Zoolander 2

Release date: 12 February

aaaaaand POUT! (© – Paramount Pictures)

Our favourite funny models are back this year, and I can’t wait. The first Zoolander was hilarious, and I have no doubt Zoolander 2 will be just as great, likely to be bursting with silliness and excellent one-liners.

7. X-Men: Apocalypse

Release date: 19 May

So aye, the big yin holding the skull is Apocalypse… (© – 20th Century Fox)

The trailer itself has had a mixed response, but personally I think it looks amazing. Especially Oscar Isaac as Apocalypse – he looks terrifying. I’ve always loved X-Men, so I’m certainly excited for the next chapter. Will it be better than Days of Future Past? It’ll be hard, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

6. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Release date: 16 December 

(© – Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures)

The first of a set of Star Wars spin-off films, Rogue One will revolve around the rebels who set out to steal plans for the Death Star between Episode III and Episode IV. This would be higher on the list, but we still don’t know much so it sits comfortably at 6. Could Darth Vader make an appearance? It is possible..

5. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Release date: 25 March

Black and Blue, God vs Man, Day vs Night. (© – Warner Bros. Pictures)

It’s not long now. We have waited so so SO long for a fight between Batman and Superman. Yes, the recent trailer gave away a bit much, but that’s no reason to not be fucking buzzing about this! The action looks tremendous, and hey, Ben Affleck as Batman – I’m up for that. I’ll let you all see the first trailer, yeno, the one without spoilers.

4. Suicide Squad

Release date: 5 August

(© – Warner Bros. Pictures)

Arguably my favourite trailer in 2015 next to Star Wars, I’ve probably watched it at least 100 times. Everything about it interests me; the darker tone, the story, and most importantly the characters. Will Smith as Deadshot, Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn, and most importantly Jared Leto as The Joker. He looks absolutely insane, as does the film. Also, it’s part of the same cinematic universe as BvS.

3. Finding Dory

Release date: 29 July

Just keep swimming… (© – Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures)

Can you believe Finding Nemo is nearly 13 years old? Also, can you believe it’s taken 13 years to give us a fucking sequel? Forget the kids – late teens and adults will be queuing up to see this come release day. I absolutely adore Finding Nemo, so this makes me incredibly happy. Midnight release please?

2. Captain America: Civil War

Release date: 29 April

Divided we fall. (© – Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures)

Another film with a superhero showdown, except this time it isn’t just two superheroes, there’s quite a few. When Captain America and Iron Man disagree on a particular topic, tensions rise between them which leads to, you guessed it, civil war between the Avengers. It looks thrilling, gripping and I can’t wait. I mean that fight between Cap, Bucky and Iron Man in the trailer like FUCKING COME ON!


  1. Deadpool

Release date: 10 February

Our number one. (© – 20th Century Fox)

Was there really any other option? Everyone’s talking about Deadpool.

Deadpool is a Marvel super-hero (or anti-hero), and the film itself is set in the same universe as X-Men. He swears, and he is MEGA violent. I’m very curious to see what age rating the film will get. I really hope it’s an 18. The film should be fucking mental, filled with crazy violence, swearing, dirty humour and god knows else what. Played by Ryan Reynolds, it feels like he was born to play the part. Ignore his previous performance as Wade Wilson in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, just forget about it.

Could this be one of the greatest superhero movies ever made? I’m already positive it will be. Gonna go book tickets now.

Here’s the most recent red band trailer – enjoy!

What do you think? Let me know what you’re most looking forward to in 2016 in the comments or send a tweet to @film_swot.

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