Pennywise is back: First trailer for IT Remake

You’ll float too.

The first teaser trailer for the highly anticipated IT remake has been released.

Watch below:

Directed by Andrés Muschietti, the Stephen King tale has been a firm favourite of horror fans since the original’s release in 1990.

Tim Curry’s iconic performance as the terrifying clown Pennywise is looking to be matched by Bill Skarsgård, who is taking on the role this year.

Seven kids in the town of Derry are plagued by the evil clown Pennywise, responsible for years of murders. When some of them start going missing, they must fight their fears to stop the clown from wreaking more havoc.

The young cast features Strangers Things star Finn Wolfhard, as well as Jaeden Lieberher, Nicholas Hamilton, Javier Botet and Megan Charpentier.

IT will hit cinemas on 8 September. Check out the latest poster below.

© – New Line Cinema
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