Top 5 – James Bond films

In celebration of the release of Spectre tomorrow, I felt it was appropriate to write a list of the best James Bond movies. I’ve shortened the number to 5, as I was struggling to decide a list of 10. Here it is, enjoy!

5. Tomorrow Never Dies

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Fun fact, this is actually my favourite Bond film ever. I watched it so much growing up and it still holds well to this day. Even now I think the villain is brilliant, I mean a media mogul creating major events so he gets exclusive news? Only in a Bond film! Of course Pierce Brosnan was still fantastic. However just because it is my favourite doesn’t mean it’s the best Bond film either.

4. Casino Royale

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There was an uproar from many fans when Daniel Craig, that blonde guy from Layer Cake was cast as James Bond. “How could he handle the role?” people asked. Well, when Casino Royale was released, the new generation of Bond was born. A brutal, more grounded film with a very different kind of Bond, but a Bond we love all the same. Intense sequences, a great story and a great performance make this one of the greats.

3. From Russia With Love

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How can we forget about the original Bond eh? Sean Connery to many is still the greatest Bond, and it’s hard to make many points to argue against that. A real showcase of his talents was From Russia With Love. Whilst some would straight away go for Goldfinger, I think From Russia With Love‘s simple story is what done it for me. The film also doesn’t feature many gadgets, which is a little bit of a negative but it does make up for this by a stellar performance from Connery, as well as an excellent villain, Robert Shaw.

2. Goldeneye

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Pierce Brosnan has always been my favourite Bond. He’s cocky, suave, and tough. There’s no denying that his films went completely downhill (invisible Aston Martin anyone?) but his first entry was absolutely fantastic. Goldeneye introduced us to Brosnan with him bungee jumping off a dam – which was actually Brosnan, not a stunt double. He managed to tie all the 007 elements together flawlessly, which makes him a joy to watch. Goldeneye changed the formula, minimising use of gadgets, upping action sequences – a fresh take, which whilst isn’t ‘pure’ Bond, is still hugely enjoyable all the same.

Honourable mentions

I’d hate to not give credit to those Bond films which albeit didn’t make the list, are still great. Here they are:

On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

Dr No


For Your Eyes Only

License to Kill


  1. Skyfall
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Right right don’t go and call me a fanny. It isn’t my personal favourite but I know deep down Skyfall really is the best Bond film. There are so many aspects to admire about it. First of all the cast is outstanding. Obviously Daniel Craig is still excellent, and it’s clear he’s came far from Casino Royale. Skyfall brings us the toughest Bond we’ve ever seen. Touching on parts of his character like his drinking, age and overall mental condition, but still keeping both humour and brutality, it really does prove Casino Royale wasn’t a one off – we’ll forget about Quantum of Solace.

The villain, Javier Bardem is outstanding. For those that have seen No Country for Old Men, you will know that Bardem is a truly excellent actor. The writers now realise that some megalomaniac from the Cold War doesn’t scare us – the enemy we can’t see scares us. But my my, when we do see him in person, man does he leave an impression. Oddly funny at times but at others terrifying, his performance is unforgettable.

Secondly, the cinematography and action sequences are perfect. The film opens with a typical chase sequence but it is beautifully shot. The director Sam Mendes clearly knows what he’s doing, and I feel very relaxed knowing he was in charge of Spectre.

Skyfall fits perfectly between the realism of the Craig-era and the cool bombast of old 007 stories. A sensational comeback following Quantum of Solace, the only word to describe Skyfall is amazing.

Will Spectre make this list? Watch out for my review, coming your way Wednesday 28th October. Here’s the trailer:

So what do you think? Do you agree or disagree? Let me know in the comments below or send a tweet to @frew_cameron.

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