Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer released

The official trailer for the massively anticipated Star Wars: The Force Awakens dropped yesterday, and it is suffice to say it broke the internet.

Following the release of the theatrical poster and tickets going on sale, Star Wars is sweeping across the world and it is just wonderful. Odeon and Cineworld websites are even crashing under the demand for tickets.

We are all keen to know more about the newest instalment in the legendary saga, so here is what I got from the latest trailer:

  1. We need to talk about Kylo

Kylo Ren, aka the new bad guy was obviously shown in the trailer, and I must say he is looking good. Following the events of Return of the Jedi, it is evident some Vader worshipping has been going on. However, with Darth Vader and the Empire gone, room has been made for Kylo Ren and the nefarious First Order to take the Galaxy for themselves. Adam Driver, the actor playing Kylo, has done a great job with the voice, and seems to have got the Vader death joke down to a tee. And come on, look at that lightsaber!

OAFT (© –

Also could Kylo be a son of Luke or even Leia? This would justify his obsession with Vader aka his grandfather, and would help other speculations make sense.

2.  Rey… Skywalker?

Is the force calling her? (© –

One of our main heroines, Rey, could potentially be a Skywalker. All we really know about her is this description from the Star Wars website:

“resilient survivor, a scavenger toughened by a lifetime of dealing with the cutthroats of the harsh desert world of Jakku”

There has to be more to this character. In the opening of the trailer we see her staring to the skies as a ship flies, much like Luke Skywalker done in the 1977 film. Also, there is a point in the trailer where it seems like she is being addressed regarding the force. Finally look at the poster; look at how her staff is aligned with Kylo’s lightsaber.

SEE! (© –

Coincidence? I think not. Could should be struggling with the sides of the force, much like her grandfather Anakin?

3. Where is Luke?

Hint hint… (© –

One thing that has been bugging everyone is the lack of Luke in recent Star Wars media. It seems like he’s being left out for a reason. What could the big reveal be? We’ll have to wait and see. However I am pretty sure he is in the trailer. Who was that guy with the cybernetic hand on R2-D2 eh?

4. It looks f***ing amazing

Come on guys, this is it. This is what we’ve been waiting for. The lightsabers, the cast, the X-Wing fights, the Millennium falcon, Han Solo,  – it’s just all so perfect. While it is clear the film is linking with the original trilogy, the new instalment definitely has its own, shiny look. I for one am extremely excited, and so should you.

Have a look at these stills from the trailer.

Image via The Force Awakens trailer.
Image via The Force Awakens trailer.
Image vie The Force Awakens.
Image via The Force Awakens trailer.
Image via The Force Awakens trailer.
Image via The Force Awakens trailer.
Image via The Force Awakens trailer.
Image via The Force Awakens trailer.
Image via The Force Awakens trailer.
Image via The Force Awakens trailer.
Image via The Force Awakens trailer.

Let me know what you guys are thinking in the comments below or send a tweet using the widgets to @frew_cameron.

Get those tickets booked, I booked mine!

Author: Cameron Frew

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