T2 Trainspotting – Review

Oh it’s such a perfect day.

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A story properly told at last – Steve Jobs review

As an avid user of Apple products – I own an iPhone, an iPad and a Macbook Pro – I have always been curious about the company’s history. Also, following the death of co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs back in 2012, I realised I didn’t really know that much about such a powerful figure. So how did the new film based on Jobs turn out?

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Top 10 – 18 Rated Films

Here it is everyone; my first top ten list. This week, I’ll be doing a list of the ten best 18 rated films of all time. I am sure many of you will have different opinions on my list so I encourage you to let me know what you think in the comments below, or by tweeting me. There may be some of you who don’t necessarily want to read the entire list. I’m not offended don’t worry, which is why I have listed the numbers of the list below, which you can click to take you to that particular number. Enjoy reading!

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