Top 10 – ‘Coming of Age’ films

Ah, growing up – it’s hard. You’ll go through various ups and downs in the massive learning curve. Whether its your first break up, getting ignored on MSN, falling out with your mates, pushing your Dad’s Ferrari out a window – you’ll have a shit time at one point or another. But growing up brings people some of their greatest memories, and this whole process makes for excellent movies. Therefore, here’s our top 10 ‘coming of age’ films.

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An experience: Boyhood review

How can I introduce Boyhood? I could compare it to other films, or think of a witty introductory comment. But when it comes to Boyhood, this is unnecessary. It is incomparable.

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Birdman or (The Undeserved Winner of Best Picture)

Every year at the Oscars we make our predictions to whom will win the awards. This year I had all my money on Boyhood to win Best Picture. It felt obvious to me that this was the clear winner. But as Sean Penn read out the result, I let out a shocked “what?” and perhaps a swear word or two.

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