An experience: Boyhood review

How can I introduce Boyhood? I could compare it to other films, or think of a witty introductory comment. But when it comes to Boyhood, this is unnecessary. It is incomparable.

Directed by the master of epic dramas Richard Linklater, the film literally takes place over 12 years, telling the story of a young boy from early childhood right up to college.

Perhaps the most extraordinary coming-of-age film in decades, Boyhood takes us on an emotional journey. Through multiple schools, step-dads, haircuts and family feuds, we become engrossed and attached.

What makes this film so very special is its realism. Despite revolving around a family across the pond, I even found relatable aspects. One scene in particular shows a brother and sister having an argument about who gets to sit in the front seat, and the father (Ethan Hawke) sorts it by saying one can sit in the front on the way there and one can sit in the front on the way back. Having a brother in myself, this scenario is incredibly familiar to me.

The acting performances throughout this film remain outstanding consistently. Particularly the mother Patricia Arquette, who has won an oscar for her role in this film.

It may have not won many oscars, but this is an injustice to the film; it is worth your time.

This may be one of my shorter film reviews, but that is because I really do find it hard to put down words to describe this film. It is a true masterpiece that I will never forget, and I thank Richard Linklater for spending 12 years of his life creating such a wonderful film.

The film is out on DVD and Blu Ray, and I cannot recommend it enough.

Rating: Pure Dynamite


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