Cam’s Picks of the Week

A judge of dredd, a black-hearted satire and a Tasmanian tiger. 

The Film Pick: Dredd (2012)

© – Lionsgate

This gore-tacular adaptation of the unflinching juggernaut Judge Dredd executed any memories of the 1995 misfire starring Sylvester Stallone. Director Pete Travis takes us from floor to floor in a drug-fuelled, slo-mo thrill ride that although may be deadly similar to the much superior The Raid, is a more-than-satisfying action romp deserving of a franchise.

The TV Pick: Black Mirror (2011 – )

From S3 E04: San Junipero © – Netflix 

Coming straight from the ingenious, devilishly corrupted mind of Charlie Brooker, this contemporary take on The Twilight Zone is a traumatic, biting satire focusing on society’s adoration of technology and the subsequent pig-squealing consequences. Unpredictably scripted and uncomfortably peculiar, Black Mirror‘s world is truly horrible because it mirrors our own.

The Game Pick: Ty the Tasmanian Tiger (2002) (PS2/Xbox/Gamecube)

© – EA Games

A Crash/Mario clone it may be, but Ty the Tasmanian Tiger stands on its own feet as a delightful, light-hearted experience. The voice acting and relentless cut-scenes are the main gripes, otherwise it’s frantic, challenging enough for teens and adults, and mainly, fun. I was at my most giddy gliding off the top of the mountain on the Ship Rex level, without a care in the world – Ty takes me back to that time.

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