Ghostbusters – Review

Not the stinking pile of slime you’re expecting.

In 1984, the original Ghostbusters hit cinemas. It was a hit both critically and commercially, spawning a wide spanning franchise including a sequel, spin offs and video games. It has a cherished legacy, so when I first heard of a reboot, I’d be lying if I said I was excited.

The plot is as simple as you’d expect. A crazed fanatic hellbent on releasing ghosts to destroy New York City is on the loose, so a group of women band together to stop him, and save the city. It opens with a relatively scary sequence, which kickstarts the events that follow.

There is one obvious difference to the original here – the cast. An all female group of Ghostbusters. There were those who were skeptical – including myself – but we should all be eating humble pie right now. They are fantastic, bringing their own brand of comedy to the table which is certain to surprise audiences all over.

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While McCarthy and Wiig are on great form – as expected in a Paul Feig picture – Leslie Jones is the star of the gang, definitely getting the bigger laughs. Whereas Kate McKinnon’s character falls flat mostly, trying too hard to impress. But, the member of the cast who gets the biggest laughs isn’t even a Ghostbuster; it’s the receptionist Kevin, played by Chris Hemsworth. Mind-bogglingly idiotic, his antics never get old.

There are many laughs to be had, but they soon become less frequent as the action amps up. In the CGI-fuelled mega-finale, the focus shifts to the chaotic set-pieces away from humour.

There’s a tricky issue to cover here. The reboot continually pays homage to the original, what with the car, the cameos and locations. It then tries to create its own spirit, with its heightened action, new humour and an atrocious take on the theme song.

To sum it up…

The mass hate towards the first trailer should now be a forgotten memory, as the film has shown us that our skepticism is our greatest enemy. It will likely keep people from actually going to see it, but please let me assure you it’s worth your time. It’s fun, full of action, and most importantly it’s fresh – albeit some of it doesn’t work. The point is, it’s not the stinking pile of slime you’re expecting. 

Rating: Gid

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Author: Cameron Frew

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