‘Divided we fall’ – Captain America: Civil War trailer released

It’s finally here – the first trailer for Captain America: Civil War dropped today.

Fucking hell, right? This looks incredible!

A basic run through of the plot: following the events of Age of Ultron, the government and the rest of the world are unnerved by the sheer destruction that had occurred, therefore they come up with a way of keeping superheroes in line. Basically a superhero registration act, however while Tony Stark aka Iron Man agrees with this, Captain America isn’t as keen. Remember he did come from the Second World War, therefore it would be likely he’d have moral issues with this. There’s a lot to be excited about after the trailer, and there were a few important things to note after viewing it, so here are my thoughts on it.

  1. Bucky remembers Cap
(© – Marvel Studios)

If you have seen the Winter Soldier (BEWARE SPOILERS AHEAD), you’ll obviously remember the big reveal of Bucky, Cap’s friend from the old days being the Winter Soldier. But in that film, Bucky had no idea who Cap was. Fortunately he now remembers Cap, and is clearly willing to help – however the events in the Winter Soldier made Bucky a fugitive. Bit of a problem eh?

2.  “The Sokovia Accords”

(© – Marvel Studios)

In the comics, the civil war storyline is based around the Superhero Registration Act. The Sokovia Accords is basically the MCU’s version of this, which is gonna cause a lot of problems for our Avengers.

3.  General “Thunderbolt” Ross has returned

(© – Marvel Studios)

For all those trusty Marvel fans, you’ll remember General Ross, played by William Hurt, from The Incredible Hulk back in 2008. Back then it was Edward Norton playing the part of the Hulk, but it’s safe to say it was pretty average. But if you remember the post-credits sequence, there was an exchange between himself and Tony Stark, which did foreshadow his return at some point. Well he’s here, and Captain America and his team have clearly pissed him off.

“You have operated with unlimited power, and no supervision. That’s something the world can no longer tolerate.”

4.  Cap’s team

(© – Marvel Studios)

Ever since Civil War was announced, we’ve all been thinking the same thing; who’s fighting for who? Well now we know who’s on Cap’s side. Fighting for Team Cap are The Winter Soldier, Falcon, Scarlet Witch and Hawkeye. All is still not revealed though, for example where is Ant-Man?

5.  Black Panther

(© – Marvel Studios)

I’ve been really excited about this, and finally we got to see Black Panther in action. Black Panther comes from the fictional country of Wakanda, the source of Vibranium (Cap’s shield). His costume is excellent, and he looks like he’s certainly gonna make Captain America and Iron Man’s life more difficult. We don’t really see him fighting for a specific side, which raises the question: does Black Panther have his own agenda?


(© – Marvel Studios)

There’s so much tension between the Avengers – obviously – but there were a few moments which just made my jaw drop. There’s a point in the trailer when Iron Man is holding what looks like a dead War Machine. He looks like a broken man, is this going to push him over the edge?

(© – Marvel Studios)

Secondly, the fight between Iron Man, Winter Soldier and Captain America. Oh shit sorry let me rephrase; Iron Man getting leathered off Winter Soldier and Captain America. This scene feels very significant to me, and I can’t wait to see it in its entirety.

(© – Marvel Studios)

Finally, that damn line at the end of the trailer. You know, the exchange between Steve and Tony:

Steve: “Sorry, Tony. You know I wouldn’t do this if I had any other choice… but he’s my friend.”

Tony: “So was I.”

Aw man the feels! Personally I am incredibly excited for Civil War – not like I wasn’t before the trailer. Where’s Spidey?

Captain America: Civil War hits UK cinemas on April 29, 2016.

I want to find out what you all think, are you excited? Let me know in the comments below or send a tweet to @frew_cameron. I’m away to watch the trailer a few hundred times or so.

Cameron Frew


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One thought on “‘Divided we fall’ – Captain America: Civil War trailer released”

  1. Think the film looks amazing, just trying not to remember the comic book storyline too much & hope the ending isn’t the same!


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