Chaotic but not shambolic – Mad Max: Fury Road review

Have you ever watched a trailer for an action film, and thought: “pfft, aye looks good but they’ll probably be all the best bits”. Sadly, this does happen to be the case when it comes to watching many films. However, director George Miller has returned to his old franchise and has crafted something ingenious; Mad Max: Fury Road.

Set in a post apocalyptic desert wasteland, the story revolves around Max, a road warrior who – following being captured – unwillingly becomes part of a chase to stop the heroine Furiosa from achieving her goal across the desert.

To some that may seem like a rather small plot summary, but in all honesty, there isn’t much of a plot – and that’s perfectly okay. In this age of films, I’ve found that sometimes filmmakers are concentrating too much on the narrative, and lose track of what looks good on screen and what doesn’t. George Miller has completely ignored modern trends, and has focused on the over-the-top mental action sequences, which pretty much take up most of the screen time.

The sequences are incredible to watch. The fact that the majority of the scenes do not include CGI and are rather practical effects is simply staggering. This brings this horrible, crazy world to life in a way viewers couldn’t imagine.

Just a little glimpse into what you can expect. (© –

The casting is perfect also. Tom Hardy’s performance in the title role as Max is exactly what I wanted. Filling Gibson’s shoes well, he shines as the quiet brute we all love. Charlize Theron arguably steals the show as Furiosa though. Never since Alien have we seen such a strong, brilliant female lead, injecting her performance with passion and that little bit of madness that makes it so special.

The cinematography, editing, sound, make-up and costume design – all spot on. It has to be said that this isn’t a film for everyone. To some it may not make sense, or may seem a bit pointless. But to those people, you’re wrong. This is a visual masterpiece that is arguably one of the best action movies released in the last 20 years. All aspects of the film are nailed to perfection in order to create this chaotic world. Young filmmakers should take note, as this is how you make an action movie. I expect that we will see many films in the future taking inspiration from this once-in-a-decade cinematic treat. Bring on the sequels!

Seriously, go see this, and thank me later. “What a lovely day!”

Rating – Pure Dynamite

Check out the trailer below.

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