Deadpool – Review

The ‘Merc with a Mouth’ has surpassed all the hype!

As you’ll know if you have read our list of 2016’s most anticipated movies, I have been pretty excited for Deadpool. In recent years there have been a lot of superhero movies – which by no means is a complaint. However I have been looking for a fresh take on the genre, chucking all that 12A censorship out the window for some cheeky, unadulterated fun. I’m happy to say that Deadpool has managed to give me that, and more. (THIS REVIEW IS SPOILER-FREE)

Not your usual Valentine’s Day movie… (© – 20th Century Fox)

Let’s start with a brief plot summary shall we? When Wade Wilson is diagnosed with various forms of cancer, he is approached by a mysterious organisation who say they can cure him, and give him ‘abilities’. He reluctantly accepts this offer, but following unexpected events, Deadpool is born.

Now if you have no idea who or what Deadpool is, firstly where the fuck have you been? It has been all over social media, and TV, and even buses. Secondly, Deadpool is a Marvel antihero. He is a good guy, but has more unconventional methods of taking care of enemies, whether it is turning guys into “a fucking kebab” or kicking someone’s head off. Also, he is famously known for being the funniest character out there, consistently breaking the fourth wall, and having a majorly dirty, dark sense of humour.

Superhero movies these days are all 12A’s (or PG-13 for you folks in America). It was such a relief when Ryan Reynolds announced that the film would be ‘rated R’ in America – it wouldn’t make sense for Deadpool to be constrained to a lower rating.

(© – 20th Century Fox)

It feels as though Ryan Reynolds was born for the part. Yes he technically played Wade Wilson in X-Men Origins: Wolverine but that most definitely does not count. He has finally got the chance to show us the real Deadpool in all his glory. He is absolutely hilarious throughout, and I can’t imagine the film without him. All the fourth wall breaks and references to pop-culture are tremendous. For such a wild character, Reynolds plays him naturally.

Also to note is Reynolds co-star, T.J Miller, who plays Weasel. He’s that guy in the trailer who insults Deadpool. I’m happy to say that he goes further from that moment, and is actually one of the best things about the film. Throughout the film he is savage to Reynolds, which always got a laugh from the audience. The inclusion of X-Men’s Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead is brilliant as well, who also supply a few of the film’s laughs.

Pretty much immediately from the get-go we are thrown into Deadpool’s world, with an opening credits sequence that’ll even make you laugh. This soon turns into that iconic action sequence we saw back in the test footage years ago, which is epic and thrilling as well as hilarious.

Each of the fight sequences in the film are executed perfectly, packed full of hard violence and often gore. By incorporating humour into them, it makes it more enjoyable. I’m not saying without the jokes it would be shit, but it was an amazing feeling watching an action sequence where I’m both laughing and in awe.

(Source –

The film is partly a superhero origin story, and also partly a love story. First of all the origin story is handled perfectly. It’s gritty, graphic and doesn’t leave you fumbling in the dark for answers, although you will probably have an even better time if you’ve watched the X-Men films. What is undoubtedly the worst part – aka the worst of an amazing bunch – is the villain. Played by Ed Skrein, yes there are moments where he grips you in. But he struck me more as a henchman than the big bad Deadpool perhaps needed. Although, I must say, I still loved watching the two go toe-to-toe. They had a real chemistry, especially when Reynolds is ripping the piss out of him.

Secondly the love story. It isn’t necessarily cheesy, or conventional – it has sex, mashed potatoes, and strap-ons. It is essential, and adds another layer to Deadpool’s twisted story.

First time director Tim Miller has pulled a blinder here, managing to perfectly nail what we all wanted from the film. In 107 minutes he has got more laughs out of people than some directors will get in their entire careers. Sure, that’s more Reynolds’ instantly likeable performance, but Miller’s direction is spot on. Also, watch out for one of the greatest Stan Lee cameos yet, and stay till the very end.

To sum it up…

Deadpool is formulaic, but still amazing. It is action packed, thrilling, exhilarating, hilarious, rude, crude, naughty, and pretty much absolutely wonderful. It is a truly courageous film, which has smartly chosen to ignore conventions in today’s film culture. It has balls, which we have to thank the writers for. Bring on the sequels! 


Check out the trailer below:

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