A “Kick-Ass” Spy film – Kingsman: The Secret Service review

Remember Kick-Ass? The violent, graphic novel inspired film that was a huge hit? Well the director Matthew Vaughn is back with his latest cinematic joy; Kingsman: The Secret Service.

When Daniel Craig took the reins of the James Bond series, the films became significantly grittier. Craig’s take on bond has been brilliant, but I personally preferred the Pierce Brosnan days; and Kingsman gives me that nostalgia factor I’ve longed for.

Based on the comic by Mark Millar, Kingsman tells the story of the young rebel Eggsy (Taron Eggerton), taken under the wing of gentleman spy Harry Hart (Colin Firth) into the recruitment process for the spy agency.

The film places you straight in the action from the get-go. Within five minutes there’s punching, shooting and slicing. And this trend continues throughout the film. The most notable actor in this has to be Colin Firth, showing with his unstoppable fighting skills and wit that he isn’t getting too old. I won’t spoil the film, but watch out for the battle royale in a church; proving Firth is tougher than any Bond and easily one of the most violent and well-executed action sequences I’ve seen.

The sensational Colin Firth showing us what he is made of (© http://cyberboxpr.net)

Also starring in the film is Samuel L. Jackson as Valentine the ego-centric billionaire whose villainous plans create havoc for the spies to work around. We can’t ignore Eggerton though. With an outstanding newcomer performance, expect to see him continue to shine in further Matthew Vaughn films. Perhaps it loses some of its punch in parts, but Kingsman is ultra-violent, rude, foul-mouthed and more importantly fantastic. It’s the spy movie we didn’t know we wanted, and as Colin Firth says: “Give me a far-fetched theatrical plot any day”.

For those who are interested, here is the trailer:

Rating – Pure Dynamite

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